QZ 1000 MIDI is a special-type thermoform packaging machine which was added to the Opack family for meeting packaging needs of middle segment facilities. This full automatic machine also has a high-speed option. The whole frame is made of stainless-steel construction. Hygienic body and outer covers are manufactured in line with European standards.

  1. Integrated Systems
    • Traversing Unit
    • Inkjet
    • Labeling Systems
    • Control Scales
  2. Technical Chart

    6-8 Cycles / Minute

    Cut-Off Lenght:
    Maximum 300 mm

    Film Width:
    300, 320, 360, 420 mm

    Suitable Film Materials:

    Control Panel:
    7” Inch Full-Color Touch-Screen

    Drive System:
    Servo Motor

    Lower Film:
    Formable Soft Film and Rigid Film

    Upper Film:
    Heat Sealable Soft Film, Paper, Tyvek

    Without Print, Photocell Print, or Continuous Print

  3. Optional Features
    • Fully stainless steel construction frame
    • Body design suitable for hygienic operation
    • Comprehensive safety system compatible with CE Standards
    • PLC control system
    • Colorful touch-screen
    • Data collection and reporting
    • Ability to apply different recipes for each product group
    • Special water retainer filter for salted products
    • MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
    • Automatic vacuum test and control system
    • Easy mould changing system for forming and sealing moulds
    • Brush-type, automatic chain lubricating system
    • Stainless, long-lasting knife structure
    • 3 languages options (Turkish / English / Arabic)
    • Stainless machine feet suitable for hygienic operation

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