QZ 1000 MINI, the smallest member of the OPACK family, is a compact thermoform packaging machine. Its design concept and special components provide space saving use and high performance respectively. With these features, it offers effective packaging solutions for production facilities having limited space.

  1. Integrated Systems
    • Traversing Unit
    • Inkjet
    • Labeling Systems
    • Control Scales
  2. Technical Chart

    6-8 Cycles / Minute

    Cut-Off Lenght :
    Maximum 210 mm

    Film Width:
    200, 285, 300, 320, 360 mm

    Suitable Film Materials:

    Control Panel:
    7” Inch Full-Color Touch-Screen

    Drive System:
    Servo Motor

    Lower Film:
    Formable Soft Film and Rigid Film

    Upper Film:
    Heat Sealable Soft Film, Paper, Tyvek

    Without Print, Photocell Print, or Continuous Print

  3. Optional Features
    • Fully stainless steel construction frame
    • Body design suitable for hygienic operation
    • Comprehensive safety system compatible with CE Standards
    • PLC control system
    • Colorful touch-screen
    • Data collection and reporting
    • Ability to apply different recipes for each product group
    • Special water retainer filter for salted products
    • MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
    • Automatic vacuum test and control system
    • Easy mould changing system for forming and sealing moulds
    • Brush-type, automatic chain lubricating system
    • Stainless, long-lasting knife structure
    • 3 languages options (Turkish / English / Arabic)
    • Stainless machine feet suitable for hygienic operation

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