Aykan Şişe: “This success is a team work”

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İn the Thermoform Packaging sction , with Opack Makine Experts Team that represent Turkey in 47 countries exports. We talked with Opack Makine General Manager Aykan Şişe about how they achieved this success. Food Sector: Opack Makine managed to become a company exporting to 47 countries. Can you tell the story of your success in […]

Importance of Packaging Machines and Thermoform Packaging Machines

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Packaging machines are present in every sector today. Thanks to the packaging machines, the lives of the users become easy and livable. There are packaging machines in various fields. Packaging in the food field is almost one of the most important. The most important point in food consumption is that it is generally quality and […]

User Friendly Fully Automatic Forming and Sealing Machines

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Form Fill Seal Machines QT 101 of Opack machine is among the most trending products of recent years with its high filling precision and improved cutting technology. Form Fill Seal Machines With the high hygiene standards and automatic cleaning system (CIP), which is frequently preferred by modern enterprises, you can complete the process without disassembling […]

We are in Foteg Istanbul 2013 Food Processing Technologies International Trade Fair

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Turkey, Eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Russia, the Middle East and in North Africa Offering innovative packaging solutions for leading manufacturers. Welcome to the Eurasia Packaging Fair. Join us at the 21st year celebration of the Eurasia Packaging Fair, which offers new packaging solutions to make a difference in your products for food, […]

First in Turkey! Robotic Thermoform Feed Cheddar Cheese Packaging

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The first in Turkey! As OPACK, we offer you the difference with the partnership of the world’s leading robot and camera companies. If you want to stay one step ahead of the traditional old-fashioned dairy companies, contact us. OPACK is proud to offer the latest technology to your service in the most effective way.

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