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Form Fill Seal Makineleri QT 1004

It is important to keep the freshness of the products that usually are consumed on the first day. Therefore, the latest technologies must be used during the packaging process. 1004 from QT series of Opack Makine family takes out the air inside the package by vacuuming during the packaging process. This ensures that the packaged product has no air and that it is able to stay fresh longer time

Form Fill Seal Machine QT 1004 is an effective machine for maintaining freshness for a long time, it is very important that consumers prefer packaged products when purchasing food products. This choice is due to both food hygiene and trusted healthy packaging.

Form Fill Seal Machine QT 1004, which works with high filling accuracy, high hygiene standards and CIP system, stands out with its easy opening and guaranteed capacity. Form Fill Seal Machine QT 1004 is a multi-functional cup design with space saving designs. It also operator-friendly with high capacity adjusted between 17-23 stroke per minute.

Form Fill Seal Machine QT 1004 offers an easy accessibility for service and maintenance. It has different cup shapes and combinations with double and quadruple cutting possibilities. Form Fill Seal Machine QT 1004works with a developed cutting system and servo latest technology.

Form Fill Seal Machine QT 1004, which has various labeling systems, is capable of labeling on container edges or in-mold. Form Fill Seal Machine QT 1004 has a long shelf life with a complete system including main chassis and legs and automatic packing line in boxes after product packaging.