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Form Fill Seal Makineleri QT 1008

Healthy packaging applications are always important. It is useful to learn the general functions of the machines in order to find out how the food we eat are preserved and how they are protected. Packaging is a chain that is important in the process of safely reaching a product from the manufacturer to the consumer. The packaging ensures that the product is maintained and sheltered throughout its life time. This situation is more sensitive especially in the field of food packaging.

Form Fill Seal Machines QT 1008 food products:
1. Butter, Margarine
2. Gel & Jam
3. Honey, Syrup
4. Nutella
5. Cream and Melting Cheese
6. Chocolate
7. Coffee Creamer
8. Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Paste
9. Yogurt and dessert varieties
10. Non-Alcoholic Fruit Juice, Water
11. Lemonade (Citric acid ratio) Less than 6%

Form Fill Seal Machines QT 1008 Specifications

CIP System: This system provides a high standard of hygiene within the enterprise. Hygienic selection of the equipment and hygienic planning enterprises succeed with CIP system.

Servo Technology: Servo motors are the most used motor type in robot technologies. It is used in applications where the motor is not required to rotate at a higher speed.

High filling capacity: Filling works with a high accuracy. In High precision there are measuring devices are used.

Form Fill Seal Machines QT 1008, which has a guarantee of 10 years with a guaranteed capacity for the enterprises, works both efficiently and reliably. It has a wide range of products in terms of size, performance and equipment.

QT 1008 Form Fill Seal Machines with space saving features offers service in every sense with its various cap design possibilities. Operator-friendly with high working intense, easy accessibility for maintenance, different container shapes and combinations, possibility of various labeling systems, long shelf life, ergonomic main chassis and feet, 23 stroke capacity per minute and also one of QT 1008 Other features is after packaging the product, an automatic complete in-box packing system.