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Opack Machine has reached a global structure within the constantly changing and developing technology, kept up with era and became a recognized brand in the world market.

Opack Machinehas developed a high level of products by adding its creativity and innovative thoughts to its brand by mixing experience from the past in the present.

Opack Machinehas set out with a team that has experience in the packaging industry.

Opack Machinefulfills the company’s goals with high quality production based on modern technology. With a great devotion to R & D activities in order to maximize the efficiency of the machines with the maximum productivity, Opack makine continues to provide its support to the sector. With its innovation studies, Opack makine presents different products from its competitors in the packaging machinery sector.

Opack Machine, is a leader in thermoform packaging industry. Vacuum Thermoform Packaging Machines has proven its name in the field of Form Fill Seal machines and ready cup sealing machines. The heat of the Thermoform gives a new form to the plastic. Also known as thermal forming, it is the shaping of the semi-finished thermoplastic product at high temperatures. Semi-finished products consist of roll wrapped foils.

Opack Machine, Vacuum thermoform packaging machines, Form Fill Seal machines, ready-to-use cup sealing machines, and filling machines for all kinds of food products that will work synchronously with these machines, it is a brand that provides consultancy services from production stage to market shelves for each related product. Opack has been working on the development of new mold design and automatic robotic product filling systems.

Opack Machine; Vacuum thermoform packaging machines, form Fill Seal machines, Modified atmosphere packaging machines, cup sealing machines and various liquid filling machines, including 5 types of packaging.

Opack Machine, with the machines done in many countries around the world, the quality of the industry sector is always protected.

Opack Machineoffers the newest packaging technologies in the most effective way.