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Opack Makine offers vacuum thermoform packaging and FSS (form fill seal) services together; opack’s machines serve in more than 47 countries, especially in Turkey, in packaging systems, container designs, prototype and manufacturing. Opack Makine, which allows you to meet all your needs in the one right place, offers the fastest and most suitable solutions for production centers with its expert and experienced staff. Offering turnkey projects with its expert and experienced engineer staff, Opack Makine adds value to life with its hygienic and healthy packaging solutions.

Industry Leader in Hygienic and Healthy Packaging

Opack Makine, the pioneer of its sector in vacuum packaging, food gas application, lid design prototype and manufacturing for all kinds of products, is the center of innovation. Opack Makine, which produces and develops automation solutions so that labor can be rewarded with less effort, ensures that work flow processes are much more efficient with the machines it produces in a variety that meets the needs of your production center. Our company, which provides more efficiency with less labor force, thus increases the efficiency of production centers. Opack Makine, which incorporates high quality products and technology into its business processes; fully automatic thermoform packaging machines, fully automatic forming , filling and sealing machines and fully automatic ready-made Cup sealing machines meet your expectations in the best way.


Perfect Solutions for Every Packaging

Opack Packaging Machines

Opack thermoform packaging machines deliver packaging solutions suitable for each product and deliver hundreds of machines to 47 countries. Opack, which manufactures using the most technological production systems, has accomplished many different innovations in industrial automation in order to provide high efficiency.

Wide Product Range

Reinforcing its solution experience in the packaging sector of milk and dairy products, bakery products, meat and meat products, medical products, ready-to-eat food products, seafood, liquid and liquid food products, dry food, fruit and vegetable products, Opack Makine serves a wide range of businesses. Opack Makine, which always offers the best to its customers with optimum pricing and quality principles, produces fully automatic thermoform packaging machines at world standards; It directs the sector with its fully automatic forming, filling and sealing machines and fully automatic ready-made Tray Sealing machines. High-quality machines best meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Opack Makine, which is unrivaled in its sector thanks to its years of experience, provides services for 100% customer satisfaction with its parts, stock, R&D services, easy maintenance and quality control options.

Strong Production Track

Opack Makine, which strengthens its innovative aspect day by day with its strong production track, puts people, technology and nature at its focal point by signing quality projects in our country and in the world. While providing the services we offer with our quality policy in international standards, we show our respect to our environment and other living things.

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