Bakery Products

The most important microorganism group that causes spoilage in various breads and in many bakery products such as cakes, pastry cream-fruit pastries are molds. For this reason, molds are one of the most important factors that determine the shelf life of bakery products. In this type of products, the shares introduced to the market in raw or baked form can be significantly reduced by reducing the CO2 usage and storage temperature in fruit cakes, pastries, pizza and similar products. However, for a flawless packaging, it is necessary to reduce the residual oxygen content in the package below 1% and use a combination of gas-tight packaging that can prevent the ingress of air oxygen and prevent shielding gas in the packaging.

For this purpose, with high barrier and oxygen impermeable, “Pa + evoh + pe, pet + ewoh + pe or pvc + ewoh + pe, it is possible to use foil combinations in this content. Increasing the CO2 content in the package sometimes causes problems. The most common of these is package collapse or shrinkage. This is due to the high solubility of CO2 gas in water. The CO2 in the top of the package leaks with diffusion in the product and dissolves there, and the pressure inside the package decreases, causing the package to collapse. To prevent this event, N2 must also be injected as filling gas, which cannot be absorbed by the package and product.

With the MAP Application, in the efforts to extend the shelf life of bakery products; Various factors such as water activity, pH, microbiological load, potassium sorbate concentration and storage temperature are also important.

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