Meat and Meat Products

Very positive results have been obtained with packaging practices in a modified atmosphere for the protection of meat and meat products. As a matter of fact, it has been determined in the studies carried out that the meat, which lasts for 2 weeks at 0 C in aerobic packaging, retains its properties for 3 months at 0C by packaging it in a modified atmosphere. In another research; When the chicken was packaged in an environment containing 100% CO2 and stored at 3C, no signs of deterioration were observed for up to 6 weeks. It has been determined that Salmonella does not develop in chicken meat that is kept under 10C in the environment with 80-100% CO2. Again, in the environment containing 60% CO2, the number of Enterococcus in the ground beef, which was preserved for 10 days at 10C, was 3 logarithmic units lower than in the ground beef, which was packaged with atmospheric gas. It has been reported that beef meat produced in hygienic conditions can be kept in the gas-tight packaging with Co2 atmosphere in the environment for 6 months at -1.5 ° C. At least 20% CO2 must be present

in the atmosphere for the inhibition of microorganisms in meat and products packaged in the modified atmosphere.

The storage life of meat and products packaged in a modified atmosphere affects the type, size, initial microbial load, storage temperature, gas composition of the modified atmosphere and the gas permeability value of the packaging material. In this context, it is of great importance that the storage temperatures are low, especially with the initial microbial loads of meats.

As a matter of fact, for fresh red meat packaging in modified atmosphere;

80% O2 + 20% CO2 or 70% O2 + 10% N2 + 20% CO2 or 79% O2 + CO2 + 0.5% Co2; For fresh chicken meat, 50% N2 + 50% CO2 fresh gas mixtures can be recommended. With this technique, in the packaging of meats; From various packaging options, packaging combination consisting of “PVC + ewoh + PE” or PET + ewoh + PE, top foil (70-80 Pa + Pe um) layers can be used.

Just using CO2 in meat products causes color distortions, and using N2 alone can cause color changes. However, it can be used in meats that don’t have problem with color or salted meats such as lamb. However, less leaking water accumulation is observed in the packaged meats in the N2 atmosphere than in the vacuum-packed ones.

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