Liquid and Fluid Food Products

Yogurt- Fruit Yogurt

In order to prolong the shelf life of pudding, plain and especially fruit yoghurts, quarks, cream and foods that contain a large amount of milk, it is extremely common to replace the air in the top of the packaging with CO2 gas. Some of the carbon dioxide dissolves in the liquid phase of the product, thereby preventing souring and fermentation from continuing by homogeneously dispersing on the surface. PS (polystyrene) containers and aluminum foil lids are used for such products. It is recommended to pack sensitive milk products such as milk powder and especially fatty milk powder in a gas atmosphere such as N2 in order to increase their durability. The most suitable gas mixture for this purpose is 75-80% N2 + 20-25% CO2.

Picnic Type Products:

Honey, Jams
Sauce (Ketchup, Mayonnaise, etc.)


Honey, the main ingredient of Jam was 60-70% invert sugar. (26-34% glucose, 38-41% fructose, 0.5-1.5% sucrose, 5-11% maltose). In addition, it contains organic acids, enzymes, vitamins, mineral substances, pigments and flavorings. The water ratio of these substances is about 20%. The water in question is the most important factor with the preservation and non-crystallization of honey and jam. The packaging should be preventing loss of water and aroma.
Microbial growth and spoilage can sometimes be seen in honey and jam. Osmophilic yeasts are the main factor of the deterioration that may occur. Yeast activity can take place very slowly. Along with fermentation, color darkening and candy can also be seen. The basic principle of preventing all these risks is sterilization.


Sauces are minimally processed foods. Shelf life is also limited. As is known, some of them are low acid and are kept cooled (-2, + 4 ° C). In order to prolong the shelf life of this type of food, fluctuations in their temperatures are not allowed by thermal processes such as pasteurization and cooking. In addition, the oxidation hazard can be prevented to a great extent with the help of antioxidant substances added to sauces. The substances used in the preparation of sauces are mostly pasteurized.

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